Constraint Files for Repacking

The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology and the International, Media, and Wireless Telecommunications Bureaus and the Incentive Auction Task Force have released an updated set of preliminary constraint files (released in May 2014), which represents the results of staff analysis of whether a television station could be assigned to particular channels in the incentive auction repacking process, consistent with statutory and other requirements, based on certain preliminary assumptions. As with the prior set of constraint files (released in July 2013), the new set consists of two separate files, the “domain file” and the “interference_paired file.” The key difference between the two sets of constraints is that the May 2014 constraints use actual channels rather than proxy channels. In addition, a second set of preliminary data about incumbent licensees in the broadcast television bands has been culled from FCC databases and posted as five separate data files. Finally, we are posting the TVStudy parameter and database files used in the pairwise study to generate the underlying data from which these updated constraints are derived. We are releasing the information in the interest of transparency and to give interested parties the opportunity to provide input regarding aspects of the repacking process.